• Platinum Shirt Service  A clean, crisp shirt means business.  Our in-house shirt service gives you whiter whites, truer colours, perfect cuffs and collars.
  • Classic Laundry  Our classic in-house laundry services are ideal for work clothes, household linens and bedding with professional ironing and finishing.
  • Formal Wear  Make sure your special event is enhanced with a picture-perfect gown or suit, cleaned and pressed to perfection.
  • Sweaters  Cotton, wool, cashmere or blends — your knits receive expert care that prolongs garment life and enhances every wearing
  • Bedding and comforters  Sleep in clean, fresh bedding. Our large-format machinery delivers hotel-quality bed linens and we’re experts with comforters, bedspreads and duvets. We also offer pillow cleaning and restoration.
  • Wedding gowns  Preserve formals, christening gowns or even your favorite sports uniform. Garments are expertly cleaned, pressed and boxed to keep the memories fresh.
  • Specialty cleaning  Stuffed animals, table linens, quilts, decorative pillows — we’re your cleaning and laundry one-stop resource.
  • Dry Clean Only or Do Not Dryclean  Delicate couture, fancy decorations, special fabrics, we do it all. Our wet cleaning process is gentle and approved by designers and clothing manufacturers.